The Auditing Society „Booking Service” Ltd. was registered in of the Commercial Register of the Circuit Court  in Gdansk in 1990.

Our company’s number in the National Court Register is KRS 0000165140.

We were granted the right to review financial reports by the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors in 1992, and received the record number 521.


Current members of the Board of our Company



The company’s headquarters is located in Gdansk, ul. Leszczynskich 9.


25 years of invaluable experience in the area of reviewing financial reports, bookkeeping services and other commissions guarantees our stable position on the financial – accounting market and simultaneously ensures high level of the services provided.


Our aim is to constantly improve our employees’ qualifications and ensure their knowledge is up-to-date. Our employees’ awareness of current legal, tax and financial regulations and the newest solutions in accountancy guarantees integrated, professional service as well as prompt and diligent completion of the commissions we are entrusted with. Our clients are always presented with a number of solutions with a view to selecting the most favourable one based on the regulations in effect


Our staff, well qualified and educated, highly experienced in the area of accountancy and tax settlements is at your disposal.


All the services rendered by our company are civil liability insured in “WARTA” S.A.





You are welcome to make use of our offer.